CX 311 Art
Active filter

Active 2-way stereo + Sub mono filter, ideal for adding a subwoofer

  • The 311 is an active 2-way stereo + Sub mono filter and is distinguished by the addition of a
  • channel dedicated only to sub bass
  • 2 stereo channels with independent controls (treble / bass):
  • Levels of output, 30 Hz switchable low-cut, phase inverter,
  • frequency selector (24 dB / Oct Linkwith Riley filters) configurable from 250Hz to 6kHz)
  • For the sub section,
  • also has an output level, 30Hz low cut and 50Hz
  • frequency selector 250Hz (12dB / Oct Butterworth filter) adjustable
  • 30Hz cut on all channels allows
  • to effectively eliminate "Rumble" effects.
  • Applications: The 311 responds perfectly to the systems composed of a reinforcement in the severe
  • with bi amplified medium / acute satellites

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