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BoomTone DJ offers a wide range of speakers, wireless microphones, audio accessories, structures, accessories for musical instruments, racks, boomers and light sets... 
BoomTone DJ products, developed in France, all benefit from a demanding and permanent quality control to always offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market. 

Product tests Lighting

SlimPAR T12 BT

SlimPAR T12 BT - Led Par Cans Chauvet

Chauvet SlimPAR T12 BT DJ
SlimPar 12 2.5W
RGB LEDs Built-in Bluetooth
Type: LED RGB Tri
Infrared Control: Yes (with optional IRC-6 remote control)
LUX: 5 340 @ 2m
Number of LEDs: 12 of 2.5W
DMX channels: 3 or 7
Funfetti Shot

Funfetti Shot - Confettis Machine Chauvet

Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot
Professional confetti launcher
DMX: 1 Channel
Maxi Capacity confetti FRC and FRU: 0.25kg
Maxi capacity in FRM confetti: 0,45kg
Time continuous expulsion: 25 seconds
Distance expulsion High: 9m
Cover in m2: 50
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