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BoomTone DJ offers a wide range of speakers, wireless microphones, audio accessories, structures, accessories for musical instruments, racks, boomers and light sets... 
BoomTone DJ products, developed in France, all benefit from a demanding and permanent quality control to always offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market. 



Product tests

RC-1 Loop Station

RC-1 Loop Station - Electric Guitar Effects Boss

Loop pedal
Electric Guitar Effect
Easy to use and efficient
The new innovative loop indicator displays the current loopback mode (Rec / Overdub / Play)
Operates on a single 9V battery (autonomy of about 4:30)
Possible Mains adapter (PSA range, sold separately)
Up to 12 minutes of stereo recording storable
95 €sv.produit.taxe.excl
IK Multimédia
iRig 2
IK Multimédia

iRig 2 - Audio Interfaces IK Multimédia

iRig 2
analog guitar / bass Interface for iOS and Android
instrument input jack for guitar, bass or other instruments
out jack for connecting an external amplifier
cable with mini-jack 3.5 mm TRS to be connected to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac
mini headphone output 3.5 mm stereo
Selector for direct signal or signal
effect knob for the entry level
27,50 €sv.produit.taxe.excl
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