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BoomTone DJ offers a wide range of speakers, wireless microphones, audio accessories, structures, accessories for musical instruments, racks, boomers and light sets... 
BoomTone DJ products, developed in France, all benefit from a demanding and permanent quality control to always offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market. 

Plugger Studio offers a range of products dedicated to recording and listening that will accompany you in all your projects: podcast, live stream, home office, home studio ...
USB microphones, static microphones, headphones for producers, musicians, DJs and also a series of accessories that will allow you to benefit from the best acoustic performance. 
The professional quality accessible to all!



Product tests

RC-1 Loop Station

RC-1 Loop Station - Electric Guitar Effects Boss

Loop pedal
Electric Guitar Effect
Easy to use and efficient
The new innovative loop indicator displays the current loopback mode (Rec / Overdub / Play)
Operates on a single 9V battery (autonomy of about 4:30)
Possible Mains adapter (PSA range, sold separately)
Up to 12 minutes of stereo recording storable
Big Knob Passive

Big Knob Passive - Monitoring Accessories Mackie

Mackie Big Knob Passive
Trade passive monitoring controller
Large volume control potentiometer (Big Knob)
2 stereo inputs A and B 2 x 6.35mm TRS (symmetric & asymmetric)
1 stereo input 3.5mm routed to the B input
2 stereo outputs 2 x 6.35mm TRS (symmetric & asymmetric)
source selector button A / B
output selector button A / B
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