HPX 4000 Behringer

precision enclosed DJ Headphones

  • High precision closed DJ Headphones
  • Graves ultra precise and super-transparent highs
  •   Extremely High Dynamic Range
  •   High efficiency cobalt capsule
  •   Spiral cable on a single headset with oxygen-free copper conductors
  •   Swivel round Headsets
  •   Ultra resistant headband
  •   Specifications:
  •   Diameter of the cap: 40 mm
  •   Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  •   Power rating max. : 100mW
  •   Impedance: 32 ohms
  •   Sensitivity: 113.5 dB @ 1 kHz
  •   Cable length: 1 m (extendable up to 2.5 m)
  •   Connector: stereo mini-jack plus adapter jack stereo 6.3 mm
Type of transmission
Fit Style
Noise reduction
Outdoor material
Cable type
Flip-Away Earcup
Interchangeable components
Frequency response
 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Removable cable
Acoustic pressure in dB
 32 Ohm
 DJ headset, Portable headset, Home work headset
 Jack male Stéréo, Mini Jack male Stéréo
DJ Headphones HPX4000 offers sound clarity demanded by leading professionals, whether behind the decks of a club or are mixing it in their studio. With definition bass, its super-transparent highs, its extremely wide dynamic range and incredible listening comfort, you will never tire of HPX4000. Its high-quality components, such as cobalt capsules its high efficiency, the copper conductor cable without oxygen and ergonomic earpieces swivel round, make it the tool DJ will no longer happen.

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HPX 4000 Behringer

HPX 4000 Behringer

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DAN N 03/05/2022
  3 /5
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Pour le prix la qualité du son est là mais il ne faut pas s’attarder sur la qualité de fabrication. Très bon pour démarrer!
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ROMAIN C 16/05/2019
  4 /5
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Rien à dire
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DAMIEN D 17/07/2018
  4 /5
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ALEX OU AUDREY L 21/03/2017
  5 /5
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Leger a voir dans le temps
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LIONEL R 26/01/2016
  5 /5
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tres bien
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