Full Cymbals Pack

Set of copper and steel alloy cymbals with 1 Crash 16 "and 1 Charleston 14" and 1 Ride 20 "A perfect cymbal kit for beginner conservatory or self-taught, an impeccable finish at an affordable price. Force Stagg Music!

ARTICLE N° 47326
  • Stagg AXK SET
  • Set alloy cymbals "copper and steel," range Innovation
  • Includes: 1 x Crash 16 "and 1 x Charleston 14" and 1 x Ride 20 "
The New AX cymbals designed with new manufacturing techniques that ensure a perfect balance between the alloy steel and copper. The result of this new set brings amazing sound quality with a price / quality ratio that is equally
Established in 1995, Stagg is a brand dedicated to musical instruments and high quality accessories for musicians from all backgrounds, always the most attractive prices.
All their instruments, those brass to those of wood, guitars or basses, drums and cymbals via piano benches are handmade, design is made by specialists at the parent company in Belgium.

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