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B-100 X - Antari
Bubble Machine

Bubble machine ANTARI B-100 X high-performance, optional Wireless Remote Control

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Antari B-100 X | Weight : 4.2 kg | DIMENSIONS : 341x170x172| REFERENCE : SHOB100X| ID : 21366 Presentation The B-100 is developed by Antari bubble machine that fits perfectly into our existing range of bubble machines.
Can be controlled by the user with a timer or a remote controller. This machine is perfect for people who want a more versatile bubble machine. It is reliable, elegant and has many options for precise control.

Specifications - Optional remote control (ref 40127: BCR-1)
- The spout on the front of the unit removes liquid droplets bubble
- The liquid in the tank return
- Also allows rapid reloading
- The housing is opened by removing two thumbscrews.
- Very simple and fast system
- Wide Release
- Elegant housing
- Support suspension included

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