Guitar Strings

Game 6 string guitar folk custom light 11/52. threaded on a hexagonal core high carbon steel. Sound very bright, a great depth, and the projection accuracy. The most acclaimed string for studio recordings!

ARTICLE N° 49801
  • D'Addario EJ13
  • Game 6 string acoustic folk guitar
  • 80/20 Bronze Series
  • Custom Light
  • Caliber customized for a balance between projection and lighter strings for easier bends
  • A sound extra- gloss associated with a deep lower spectrum and projection
  • environmentally friendly packaging and corrosion resistant for always fresh and intact strings
  • Made in the USA for the best performance and the highest quality
  • Caliber: .011 pure steel, .015, .022 bronze Net, .032, .042, .052
Often called Custom Light, the EJ13 strings are an original hybrid caliber proposed by D'Adarrio. They represent a satisfactory compromise for players seeking depth and projection of the lower strings low caliber while having a reduced voltage of high strings for easier bends.

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