USB DJ Controller

USB Controller by DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D White version for DJs, producers wishing to equip a high-end equipment and high performance. 16 buttons for cues, samples and other possible functions.

ARTICLE N° 53635
  • USB Midi Controller
  • White Version
  • Limited Opportunity to obtain the mapping for Serato, Ableton Live, Traktor
  • 16 buttons such as "arcades"
  • Motion Sensor 3D
  • 6 layers of controls (pages)
  • firmware fully customizable (LED colors, etc.)
  • Free Utility Software.
MIDI Controller
Line input
Phono input
Micro input
Aux input
Master output
Headphone output
 Windows, MacOS
USB port
Software incl.
Power supply
 Via USB bus