Promaxx 112A FBT
Active Loudspeaker

Professional amplified speaker 900W RMS, digital signal processing DSP, amplifier class D high efficiency, very low weight of only 14.8 kg, a choice of 6 preset equalizer, sound renewed FBT.

ARTICLE N° 55228
  • Speaker 2 ProMaxX tracks 112 A
  • Boomer Custom FBT
  • Compression Engine B & C 1.4 inches
  • High power 700W / 200W rms,
  • Signal digital
  • Lightweight
  • Boomer 12 "( 31cm)
  • freq response: 48 Hz-20 kHz
  • max SPL: 126 dB
  • dispersion: 90 ° x 60 °
  • rigging system Equipped for
  • accessories Ideal for live applications and facilities fixed
  • EQ control with 6 presets DSP
  • USER 2 slots to save your settings
  • Italian Design and manufacture
  • Frequency 58Hz-20kHz band Spl max 127 dB
  • Weight:.. 14.8 kg
The new speaker series PROMAXX combines true quality and style made in Italy.
Number of lanes
 Ambiance, DJ Mobile, front speaker, Permanent installation, Sound reinforcement
RMS power
Acoustic pressure in dB
 From 120 to 130
Integrated mixer
 Audio signal processed by DSP
Frequency response
 48 Hz – 20 kHz
Amplification type
 Class D
Can be used on stand
 Ø 35mm (1 3/8")
Aerial assembly
 Single unit
Power type
 Power adapter (included)
The new speaker series PROMAXX combines true quality and style made in Italy.
At its heart is an amplifier module FBT specially designed with a switching power supply.
For the low frequency section, an amplification of 700W RMS is controlled via a highly efficient Class D topology, with extremely low THD. For the high frequency part, the 200W RMS amplifier are produced by a class H / AB; design chosen to ensure the highest definition audio performance at high frequencies.
A powerful platform of digital signal processing (DSP) is available to users of all levels with an intuitive graphical interface. Located at the rear of the enclosure, the system menu-driven, is controlled through a single rotary control with push-to-select function.
Users can choose between 6 equalizer presets, each carefully designed by the engineers of FBT to ensure that each application is supported. But they also have 2 free slots to save their own settings. Each location has 5 parametric equalizers. Also present on the back: A Mic / Line input selector and a second RCA stereo input with separate volume control in addition to the entry "Main", a LINK output, a high pass filter, a tone control , commissioning of a Delay displayed in meters (0 to 3.5m) and a choice of two limiter modes, Max Spl or Max Quality.
The game features the PROMAXX matches the versatility of the enclosure, with options for stand mounting, hanging on the wall, or even deployment in a line array.

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