GSR200 BK Ibanez

Electric Bass. GSR200-BK. black. Pickups + PSNDJ PSNDP. agathis body. maple neck. rosewood fingerboard. PROMO: FREE COVER

  • Ibanez Bass
  • GSR200-BK
  • Black
  • With cover
  • PSNDJ microphones + PSNDP
  • Equalizer Phat II Bass Boost
  • Chrome hardware
  • Agathis body
  • Maple neck GSR4
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Accu-Cast B10 bridge
A modern and versatile bass.
A best seller!
For all styles of music.
Number of frets
Neck material
Fingerboard material
Scale Length
 Long scale
Pickup Setup
body material

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