• Midtown Black Cherry Glitter


Midtown Black Cherry Glitter - Pearl
Junior Drumset

Jazzette 16 "4 MidTown series drums, GC 16" .Rehausseur bass drum is provided so that the positioning of the bat the kick pedal hits the center of the skin to get a big sound of precise and powerful union. Glitter Black Cherry finish.

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Pearl Midtown Black Cherry Glitter | Weight : 20.0 kg | ID : 51200 Presentation Big concert, small kit, its huge! At home, in the street or on stage, the Pearl Midtown is an ultra-compact battery that can accompany both the child who begins the urban hyperactive drummer! It fits in small spaces and stores in its set of two optional covers for easy transport. The Midtown well be small, at that price, it will make noise!

Specifications - Pearl Midtown MDT764PC-704
- Jazzette 16 "4 barrels
- Series MidTown

- Kit contents:
- Big box 16x14"
- Tom 10x07 "
- Tom basse 13x12"
- Snare 13x5.5 "

- battery Specifications:
- Barrel 100% poplar 6 folds /
7.5mm - 1.6mm steel hoops stamped
- tom suspension system OptiLoc
- Adapter "booster" kick drum and tom holder included
- Finish . Rhodoïd
- tom arm TH-70I
- chrome hardware
- Black Cherry Color Glitter
- Delivered without hardware, cymbal or accessory

- product reference ZPEAMDT764PC704

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