ELO 800C Elokance
Active PA Set

Amplified PA system 3 ways 800W RMS Elokance Elo 800C, composed of 2 Elo 10C and 1 ELO SUB15AC. Delivered with 2 loudspeakers stands and 2 Speakon cables of 5m ELO SPEAKON : Elokance, THE reference for DJs. Carpeted finish.

ARTICLE N° 32014
  • High end Triphonic package consists of 2 ELO 10C and 1 ELO SUB15AC
  • Total power of 800W RMS
  • Carpeted finish
  • Technical features
  • Elokance ELO 10C
  • Elo range
  • Passive loudspeaker
  • 10" speaker driver (25cm)
  • 1 inch coil compression tweeter (25mm)
  • Power : 200W RMS / 400W Peak at 8 Ohms
  • Bandwidth @-10dB : 65Hz-19Khz
  • SPL Max : 127 dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m) : 97 dB
  • Cutoff frequency of the filter : 2.5 Khz
  • Input connectors: 1 x Speakon
  • Speaker stand flange: 35mm
  • 2 Carrying handles
  • Carpeted finish
  • Dimensions of one speaker: 320 x 280 x 485 mm
  • Weight of one speaker: 12 kg
  • Elokance ELO SUB15AC
  • Elo range
  • Active subwoofer (amplified)
  • "D-class" amplification
  • 1 speaker driver of 15" (38cm)
  • Power : 500W RMS
  • Amplifier 2 x 150W RMS for satellites outputs
  • Bandwidth @-10dB : 35Hz-20Khz
  • Limiter and protections against short-circuit or overheating.
  • XLR/Jack 6.35mm Inputs
  • Speakon Outputs, with curve switch depending on the satellites you are using
  • Separate level controls for Right/Left/Sub.
  • Ground/Lift selector
  • Mono/Stereo selector to use 2 satellites outputs on one channel.
  • Curve selector 0/180° for the subwoofer
  • Speaker stand flange of 35mm
  • 2 carrying handles on the sides
  • Carpeted finish
  • Dimensions of the subwoofer: 450 x 580 x 486 mm
  • Weight of the subwoofer: 38 kg
  • Delivered with 2 loudspeaker stands and 2 Speakon cables Elokance of 5m ELO SPEAKON
  • With a very good sound quality, the Elo series is also very convenient because of its evolving capacities: you can add almost as many satellites or subwoofers as you want!
  • Carpeted finish
With great reliability and quality sound, the new Elo range of Elokance features the latest technological innovations.
Versatile and scalable, the range is composed of active subwoofers and passive satellites offering a wide range of possibilities for adapting the power to your needs while maintaining a homogeneous system and excellent sound quality.
With excellent workmanship and ultra-resistant paint, the Elokance Elo are also equipped with high end speaker driver. Thanks to that, the Elo systems are renowned for their reliability and resistance.
Used both indoors and outdoors, the Elokance Elo will quickly become the speaker series that will suit you to insure your benefits many years.
 Ambiance, Sound reinforcement, Mobile DJ, Front speaker
Line array
RMS power (W)
Integrated mixer
 Audio signal processed by DSP
Acoustic pressure (dB)
 From 120 to 130
Frequency response
 35 Hz – 19 kHz
Amplification type
 Class D
Can be used on stand
 Ø 35 mm (1 3/8"), Support d'installation (fourni)
Stands included
Power supply
 Mains powered
Subwoofer included
 XLR female 3 pins, Jack female Mono
 15", 10"

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ELO 800C Elokance

ELO 800C Elokance

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NICOLAS T 04/08/2023
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Produit acheté pour la deuxième fois car j'en suis très satisfait. J'ai le premier depuis 4 ans sans aucun problème.
1 3 report
FAMILY S 05/01/2023
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Merci pour votre professionnalisme et votre disponibilité pour vos conseils. Merci pour le traitement et l'envoie rapide des commande
2 1 report
SEBASTIEN B 21/12/2022
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Il s'agit de mon 2e ensemble de cette marque dont je suis très satisfait. Je voulais juste un 2e caisson mais là finition moquette elo sub 15Ac n'existe pas en vente seul. Je voulais mettre un caisson de chaque côté avec barre de couplage et satellite dessus (idem config elo1300) très efficace et répond entièrement à mes Besoins
6 3 report
ROMAIN C 29/11/2022
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Très bien
2 1 report
GILLES V 05/10/2021
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Super produit très bonne qualité
2 2 report
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