50 cm Sling security, 4 mm, 70-VBG, certified

ARTICLE N° 31293
  • 50 cm Safety Sling, 4 mm, VBG-70 certified
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Certified: VBG-70
  • Diameter: 4 mm
  • With: carabiner indécrochable
  • Finish: galvanized
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • Safety Factor: 5: 1
  • Number of strands
  • Number of son: 6 x 19 + TK
  • Tensile Strength: 1770 N / mm²
Fly still above with security cables:
parcans, pregnant, moving heads, mirror balls, structures, materials, projectors, flat screens ... All these products are different but have one thing in common: When using effects (static or mobile) in an elevated position or above the crowd, you are required by BGV-C1 safety standards and VGB to use an independent additional security element to ensure safety. Safety cables must be used to maintain your equipment and ensure that in an emergency, static equipment does not fall more than 20 cm and mobile devices more than 5 cm so that the pulling force does not become too strong. The links, fasteners and other elements are as important as the cable as such. Indeed, only one small part can weaken the whole. This is why our security cables contain certified connectors that, if the items are installed by carefully following the instructions, ensure safe use. Single or double safety cables can be used depending on the load to be secured. Please check the features of each cable to find the one that perfectly matches your needs.
An important point: these safety cables are designed to secure your equipment, but can not serve to suspend. You can use our wide range Lodestar for it.
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Élingue de sécurité VBG-70, 50 cm Showtec

Élingue de sécurité  VBG-70, 50 cm Showtec

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Simple d'utilisation. Fabrication soignée.
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produit solide et sur
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