BETA 58A Shure

Reference microphone, which has the particularity of accentuating the warmth and the clarity of the voices. The Beta series has gained its accolades a long time ago and is always a guarantee of quality, to address the summits there is no better!

  • Micro Versatile
  • Capsule Dynamic
  • supercardioid polar diagram (max gain before feedback)
  • System anti shock reducing handling noise
  • Low sensitivity to load impedance variations
  • Bandwidth: 50 to 16 000 Hz
  • Supplied with A25D microphone clamp, multipas connector and carrying pouch.
In the tradition of SM 58, Beta 58 A was developed specifically for voice.
Capsule type
 Live, Singing
Switchable Bass-Cut filter
 150 Ohm
Power type
 Does not require power
 XLR male 3 pins
Accessories included
 Clip, Carrying Bag
Their extraordinary performance and talent of the greatest artists have made Beta microphones real Òbêtes scene ", now available in wired or HF versions. Their warmth, their presence and their legendary sensitivity, optimized response curve and multiple configurations Beta capsules have attracted all those who sought perfection. All models benefit from an optimal insulation and a minimum off-axis coloration.
 The Beta series represents the highest technology developed by Shure. Totally avant-garde design and unrivaled performance, the Beta series is truly the standard live concerts. Pickups scene of high quality, high sensitivity to capture every nuance of sound, even in demanding environment.

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BETA 58A Shure

BETA 58A Shure

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JEREMY L 28/02/2023
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Rien à dire, excellent produit si l'on connait ses spécificités
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JEAN -FRANCOIS P 30/09/2022
  5 /5
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tres bien
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JOSEPH A 16/11/2021
  4 /5
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un grand clasique
0 0 report
AUDE C 17/06/2020
  5 /5
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commande rapide et conforme a ce que j'attendais
0 0 report
PATRICE T 11/02/2020
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Exactement ce que je voulais
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SHURE, the most popular brand among musicians! The SM58 wired microphone for vocals and SM57 for instruments, the SM7B for vocals or the PG24E PG58 are the worldwide references available at Also available are the superb SRH studio and DJ headsets, the PGX and SLX HFs, the 55SH T2 skull mic... 
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