Nimbus Chauvet

dry ice machine professional capacity 4.5kgs which created thick clouds close to the ground, heated very fast and use plug and play! Equipped with a control arm to guide and regulate the flow to the desired level. Tank 17 liters.

  • DJ Chauvet Nimbus
  • Dry ice machine
  • Fuel capacity: 17L
  • Heating time of about 50 minutes (single)
  • Heating time of about 30 minutes (duet)
  • Time to warm about 30 minutes (single)
  • Time to warm about 15 minutes (duet)
  • Execution time average: 6 minutes
  • Dry ice capacity: 4.5kg
  • Water temperature: 79 ° C
  • Power & amp; amp; consumption: 230V 50Hz / 1500 W 12.2
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions: 513mm x 465mm x 470mm
The Nimbus Chauvet DJ is a professional dry ice machine that produces a thick, white fog that hugged the floor and absorbs no increase. This powerful machine heats enough water to create a mist of 4.5 kg of dry ice in 6 minutes of run time. The production and flow are easily controlled through an adjustable multi-level control arm. The double heaters allow for faster warm-up and recycle times. A sensor is installed and signals in case of low water in the tank and increases safety.
Continuous flow
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Chauvet DJ has set a goal of creating solutions tailored to customer needs in the world of lighting, as a professional amateur.
They are enthusiasts dedicated to the creation and production of high-performance lighting products and accessories dedicated unmatched value.
To achieve their goal, they have a 5-point creed they meet from the beginning:
- Keeping the customer as top priority, because it is for them that they have the chance to work
- Search and take every opportunity to be seized in the market to offer innovative products, efficient and good value.
- Tell them what they need to do to improve and enhance their products and do what they tell you to fully exploit your products.
- Treat each person whatsoever with respect and dignity

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Nimbus Chauvet

Nimbus Chauvet

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