H1200 Hurricane 1200 Chauvet
Smoke Machine

Smoke machine with an impressive rate of 506 m3 / minute with automatic shutoff feature, 1L tank, comes with wired remote. A professional-quality machines at an affordable price, the perfect fogger for mobile DJs and private parties!

ARTICLE N° 48062
  • DJ Chauvet H1200
  • Smoke Machines 1180 watts
  • Fuel capacity: 1.0L
  • Heating time of about 2 minutes
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Wired remote control included (4.5m)
  • Lyre fixing
  • Throughput: 506 m3 / minute
  • Approximate consumption: 28ml / minute
  • Power & amp; amp; consumption: 230V-50Hz / 1180W - 5.2
  • Automatic switching power: 230V - 50Hz
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 286 x 235 x 209 mm
The Hurricane 1200 is a powerful, portable smoke machine that brings a unique atmosphere to any provision or mobile disco show. The included remote control can time your show to perfection. After the initial heating time, the H1200 is capable of supplying smoke upon request. A LED indicator to alert you to control refuel. This compact smoke machine has an advanced liquid probe, with automatic interruption that protects your pump against overheating.
Fog flow
 < 1000m3/min
Direction of ejection
Luminous effect incl.
Type of liquid
 Water base
Remote control
Power supply
 Mains powered
Outdoor use
Chauvet DJ has set a goal of creating solutions tailored to customer needs in the world of lighting, as a professional amateur.
They are enthusiasts dedicated to the creation and production of high-performance lighting products and accessories dedicated unmatched value.
To achieve their goal, they have a 5-point creed they meet from the beginning:
- Keeping the customer as top priority, because it is for them that they have the chance to work
- Search and take every opportunity to be seized in the market to offer innovative products, efficient and good value.
- Tell them what they need to do to improve and enhance their products and do what they tell you to fully exploit your products.
- Treat each person whatsoever with respect and dignity

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H1200 Hurricane 1200 Chauvet

H1200 Hurricane 1200 Chauvet

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VINCENT B 07/10/2022
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Très bonne machine. Petite mais très efficace.
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JEROME P 10/08/2021
  5 /5
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pas essayer
0 1 report
KILIAN G 21/07/2021
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
très bonne qualité
0 0 report
CEDRIC D 01/09/2020
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Bon produit sauf la notice d'explication pas clair
0 0 report
RODOLPHE D 15/01/2020
  4 /5
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pas de mode sans telecommande
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