• 16550 Pack de 3 jeux 19002

16550 Pack de 3 jeux 19002 - Elixir
Guitar Strings

Promo pack of 3 sets of 6 strings for electric guitar pulling Super Light 9-42. If you're a fan of Elixir strings, then it's time to shop. And for those who have never tried before, this is the perfect time to test the Elixir strings: strings known to sound like the first day for a long time.

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Elixir 16550 Pack de 3 jeux 19002 | Weight : 0.3 kg | ID : 59937 Presentation

Specifications - Elixir 16550
- Pack of 3 sets of strings 19002 for electric guitar
- OPTIWEB series
- Pulling Super Light: .009 .011 .016 .024 .032 .042
- Nickel plated steel net
- Offer a clean sound Precise, like a rope without a coating
- OPTIWEB coating gives a natural touch
- This coating technology protects the cords from corrosion and debris build-up, providing a much longer life than any other other brand, with or without a coating (survey of Elixir ropes users).
- Solid Rope Anti-Rust Plating Provides Long Life Throughout the Game

- Musicians who are used to playing on uncoated ropes can now enjoy the benefits of Elixir strings. coating, without sacrificing the sound and touch they like. Optiweb coating offers a much more natural feel than Nanoweb or Polyweb coatings, with an unmistakable sound compared to uncoated strings.

- Clean and precise sound, a natural touch and an ideal grip, all without sacrificing the signature of the Elixir strings, their exceptional sound life. Compared to NANOWEB and POLYWEB coatings, OPTIWEB coating offers a more natural and familiar touch. This featherweight coating allows the string to vibrate more freely, while having a firm grip allowing you to keep control of your bends, vibrated and have a better sustain.