HA 3600 Elokance
PA Amplifier

Power amplifier for professionnal PA systems. Based on H class technology which operates the output stage to its maximum efficiency all the time. High-pass / Low-pass built-in crossovers, stereo / bridge / parallel modes and a power of 2x1800W RMS @4 Ohms.

ARTICLE N° 41475
  • Type 2CH Amplifier H-class
  • RMS Power @8 ohms 1200W
  • RMS Power @4 ohms 1800W
  • RMS Power @2 ohms 2200W
  • RMS Power Bridge Mono @8 Ohms 3600W
  • RMS Power Bridge Mono @4 Ohms 4400W
  • Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz
  • Damping Factor (1kHz @8 ohms) >500
  • Input CMRR (1kHz) >60dB
  • S/N Ratio >112dB
  • Dimensions 133x483x444 mm
  • Net Weight 79.4 lbs
  • Hi-Pass X-over built in 100Hz
  • Low-Pass X-over built-in 100Hz
Elokance presents its range of amplifiers in class H, HA series consists of 4 models: HA-1000 HA-1600 HA-2400 and HA-3600. These amplifiers are specifically designed to power the speakers in the E-series and PRO BRUTAL system.

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