RMX 1000 Pioneer DJ
Sampler and Groovebox

Pioneer presents the Remix Station RMX-1000 for DJ, a new device providing opportunities for remixing and sampling rhythmic, new!

ARTICLE N° 34615
  • Remix station for DJ set
  • An new effect box for remixing your songs in live
  • Discover the 4 functions of remix of the RMX 1000:
  • Isolate FX: with three knobs that allow you to adjust the basses, midrange, and treble; it includes three effects Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate/Drive in addition to a Isolator
  • FX scene: 5 Build Up effects (GMP, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up and Reverb Up) and 5 Break Down effects (Echo HPF, LPF Echo, Crush Echo, Spiral Down and Reverb Down). A large potentiometer allows you to increase or decrease the settings of effects and two knobs are dedicated to the settings of "sub-parameters".
  • X-Pad FX: A touch pad with four built-in samples (kick, snare, Clap and Hi Hat) ; it is also possible to load other audio samples edited via the software Remixbox of Pioneer and stored on an SD memory card
  • Release FX: A small joystick which removes the current playing music and leaves only the sound effects. This function is also used to create opposite effects: when you release the joystick, all effects are removed and only the original music continues to be played. This section includes the Vinyl Brake, Echo and Back Spin effects
  • Quantization function which allows the analysis of the music in real time and the synchronization of effects at the tempo
  • New Auto BPM function which measures and automatically follows the tempo of the music
  • USB-MIDI to use the RMX-1000 as a MIDI controller
  • SD Card slot
  • Inputs: RCA x 1, Jack 6.3 mm x 1
  • Outputs: RCA x 1, Jack 6.3 mm x 1
  • Other ports: - USB B Port x 1
  • Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
  • A/D and D/A converter: 24 Bit
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: Max. 0.005%
  • Ratio S/N (Sound to Noise) : 102 DB
  • Head room: 20 DB
  • Software: remixboxTM, Plug-in RMX-1000
  • External Dimensions: (W x D x H) 334 x 157 x 57 mm
  • Net Weight 1.3 kg
Analog input
Analog output
Power supply
 Power adapter (included)
USB port
Memory type
 SD card

User's advice Sampler and Groovebox
RMX 1000 Pioneer DJ

RMX 1000 Pioneer DJ

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JULIEN P 30/03/2021
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
Super produit de bonne qualité qui me sera très utile
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PATRICIA V 06/03/2021
  5 /5
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Complète et top
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GERALD S 02/11/2019
  5 /5
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Complet et relativement facile d’accès et d’utilisation. Effets d’excellente qualité et heureusement vu le prix !
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JOSE M 21/10/2016
  3 /5
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ARNAUD C 10/09/2015
  5 /5
Purchase Checked
conseil, rapidité de livraison... commande web/telephone, 24h apres tnt se pointe !! top niveau l'equipe... un grand merci.
Reste à tester la bete mais en 10mn je confirme RMX 1000, machine de guerre et pas que pour l'EDM mais aussi pour la techno ! ;)
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