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TD-1K - Roland
Electronic Drum

Electronic Drum with amazing touch and quality of its V-Drums, which has 15 sounds ready made kits, rock-blues to jazz to world music and electro! Coach has a mode for learning fun, play on tracks stored in the module, or your favorite tracks by connecting your smartphone or other input to audio player Mix In the module! It integrates a USB-MIDI interface that allows communication with a music software via a single USB cable, no other equipment needed!

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Roland TD-1K | Weight : 12.5 kg | ID : 44903 Presentation TD-1K V-Drums is a model for beginners batsmen with 4 pads for snare and three toms, three pads cymbals for the hi-hat and crash / ride, two pedals and module TD-1 sounds that stores sounds 15 drum kits, 15 backing tracks, a Coach function, a metronome and recorder. The sound module, you have a headphone output Mix input and a mini jack and a trigger input for the kick, snare, toms three, a hi-hat, two crashes, a ride and control the charley. USB MIDI interface also allows you to connect the TD-1K V-Drums to a computer and record your performances.

Specifications - Roland TD-1K
- V-Drums electronic drum
- Excellence sound and touch V-Drums in an entry level kit
- Play drums in all styles thanks to 15 integrated kits
- Applies acoustic drum techniques: choking cymbal, hi-hat game evolved, etc.
- Progress faster thanks to Coach mode, metronome and recorder
- Work being accompanied by music embedded in the module, or your favorite tracks stored on smartphone or MP3 player connected to the input Mix In
- The kick pedal without bat makes the quieter play and lets not disturb the surroundings; perfect for work at home
- An ergonomic and compact design, a stylish look, able to fit in any room of the home
- A solid rack with quick and easy adjustment of height for all drummers, from children to adults
- Many opportunities for development kit: add a cymbal crash OP-TD1C, replace the kick pedal by a KT-10 or KD-9, etc.
- USB-MIDI interface for the use of TD-1K with the V-Drums Tutor DT-1, apps V-Drums Friend Jam, and other DAW software
- Intuitive interface for ultra-simple operation

- Module TD-1 sounds 15 drum kits, 15 pieces, 10 learning functions, metronome, LED display, USB port, mini jack input on Mix, headphone mini jack on 1 trigger input

- Kit consists of: 1 snare pad, three pad tom, 1 pedal bass drum controller, 1 cymbal pad Crash, 1 cymbal pad Ride, 1 pad hi-hat, 1 pedal hi-hat controller, stand, cable and wrench included.

- Dimensions: 800 (L) x 700 (D) x 1150 (H) mm
- Weight: 11.4 kg

- To upgrade TD-1K in TD-1KV, we must add the V-Pad PDX-8 (sold separately) and pad support MDH-12 (sold separately)


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