powered mixer 12 2x630W channels 4 ohms. The EMX5 offers a Master EQ "1-Knob" to optimize the final mix (two positions: Speech or Music), and a function Bass Boost and full DSP effects section with SPX and a feedback suppressor uses a digital filter with seven bands (Yamaha technology) to instantly eliminate undesirable acoustic feedback effects by pressing a single button. Even more power, and still practice!

  • Yamaha EMX5
  • Mixer amplified
  • 2x630W Amplification (4Ω) 2x460W (8Ω)
  • Console 12 input channels (4 mono, 4 stereo)
  • 8 microphone preamplifiers with + 48V phantom power
  • High Entry impedance (Hi-Z)
  • Channels 1 to 4 with compressor 1-knob, HPF and pad -30dB
  • Reverberation SPX 24 programs with oN / OFF
  • anti-feedback filter and Monitor EQ
  • Release Equalization 1- knob
  • 2 amplified outputs speakON / Jack, 2 unamplified outputs
  • pedal optional FC5A for switching
  • effect Kit of brackets 19 '' (RK-EMX7) optional
  • Dimensions: 465mm x 308mm x 325mm
  • weight: 9.5 kg
  • Use recommended with pregnant Yamaha CBR12
The powered mixer EMX5 is dedicated to all situations where simplicity and reliability are key factors. Its rugged metal chassis and integrated handles allow operation horizontally or vertically. It has a powerful 630W of amplification and a protection system against overload. Equipped with numerous connections of inputs and outputs, it also provides valuable daily features such as a multi-effects SPX 24 programs, compressors and equalization output "one-knob" and a feedback suppressor. Coupled with a pair of speakers Yamaha CBR, the EMX5 follow you wherever the music takes you!
RMS power under 4 ohm / channel
 630 W

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