Yamaha - Genos XXL Set

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Genos XXL Set Yamaha
Keyboard with Dynamic Touch

Bundle bringing together the workstation Genos, evolution of the Tyros, its dedicated stand L7B and 2.1 sound system calibrated to take full advantage.

ARTICLE N° 59798
  • Yamaha Genos XXL Set
  • Digital Workstation + Dedicated Stand L7B + 2.1 Sound System 80W
  • 76-Key FSX (Organ) Keyboard with Aftertouch and 7 Types of
  • Response 9 "/ 800 TFT Touch Color Main Screen x 480 with
  • Multilingual Support 589 x 48 Non-touch
  • OLED Secondary Monitor Controllers: Joystick, Six Assignable Live Control Pivots, 9 Assignable Live Control Sliders, Three Switch and Crossfader
  • Sound Generation Engines: AWM (Stereo Sampling ) and AES
  • technology 256 voices of maximum polyphony
  • 1,652 tones and 58
  • drum and effect kits Compatible XG, GS, GM and GM3
  • Effects section with 59 reverb and 3 user presets, 107 presets of chorus and 3 user, 5 presets of compression master and 5 user, 5 presets of equalization master and 2 user, 28 parts for Part EQ, a DSP with 358 presets of variat ion (with VCM) and 3 user as well as 358 insert presets (with VCM) and 10 user
  • 54 voice harmony presets and 20 vocoder
  • Noise gate effects, compressor, vocal equalizer for microphone input and 23
  • vocal effects 550 styles of accompaniment with different types of fingerings and multiple controls (three intros, four main variations, four fills, four breaks and three ends), 4 One Touch settings per style; SFF compatibility, GE
  • 448 banks of 4 pads with audio chaining
  • 9 demo songs, 11 song presets
  • 16 tracks recorder with Quick, Multi Track and Step functions, SMF and XF formats
  • Recorder and audio player WAV 16-bit / 44.1 kHz stereo and MP3 (for playback, up to 320 kbps in stereo) with time stretch functions, pitch shift, voice deletion, harmony / echo, arpeggiator, mono / poly
  • Creator of styles and multi-pad
  • 10 buttons for the function Registration with sequence and freeze
  • Display of partitions and lyrics of songs
  • Metronome between 5 and 500 BPM with tap tempo
  • Transposition on +/- 12 semitones
  • Tuning between 414.8 and 466.8 Hz in steps of 0.2 Hz
  • Octave Transposition
  • 9 types of
  • series Internal memory of approximately 58 GB and three USB to Device ports
  • headphone output 3 inputs for pedal
  • Mic input on combo with 48V phantom power
  • 2 MIDI inputs and outputs
  • 2-channel auxiliary input
  • coaxial digital output Main outputs two channels, and four subs / auxiliary outputs
  • USB to Device port
  • LAN in some regions
  • Dimensions: 1234 mm x 456 mm x 138 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Intuitive navigation with touch screen, easy access to a creative world, easy storage with unlimited space for your creativity, a breathtaking professional sound, totally new features, professional connectivity, compatibilities and extensions galore: Take control of your music!
Number of keys
Key size
Number of polyphony notes
Splitable keyboard
Built-in metronome
Micro input
Control pedal input
 Sustain, Expression, Footswitch
Headphone output
MIDI port
Wireless MIDI link
USB port
Recording medium
 USB, Internal
Power supply
 Mains powered
Accessories included
 Piano stand, Sound system

User's advice Keyboard with Dynamic Touch
Genos XXL Set Yamaha

Genos XXL Set Yamaha

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MICKAEL B 15/12/2020
  5 /5
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VINCENT M 10/01/2020
  5 /5
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Très bel instrument aux nombreuses possibilités. Je ne l'ai que depuis 4 jours et j'entrevois déjà tout le potentiel du Genos ; il faut du temps pour vraiment l'exploiter. Le manuel est plutôt digeste mais c'est au prix d'un recours au site de la marque pour avoir plus d'informations. je tiens à préciser qu'on déjà avoir beaucoup de plaisir à l'utiliser même sans avoir consulté le manuel. Le support fourni dans le package est très stable mais il pourrait ne pas convenir à des musiciens faisant de la scène car il faut un tourne-vis pour le démonter.. Bel instrument mais pas vraiment donné !
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