DBR12 Yamaha
Active Loudspeaker

Active speaker 12” 1000W that replaces the excellent YAMAHA MSR, new high definition sound, 2 channel mixer incorporated, DSP 48 bits and FIR X filtering, only 16 kgs, a range that will revolutionize the market of ABS active speakers! Yamaha come back and strikes harder!

ARTICLE N° 45333
  • Bi amplified loudspeaker 12" 1000w
  • DBR series
  • Cone speaker 12”
  • Mobile coil of 2",
  • 1.4” tweeter
  • Magnetic Block with ferrite magnets
  • Crossover 2.1kHz FIR-X Tuning
  • Dynamic power of 1000W (800+200) / 465W continuous (400+65)
  • Frequency Response 52Hz - 20Khz
  • Output max level of 131 dB SPL
  • Wave guide with constant dispersion 90°x60°
  • 2 inputs XLR Combo/ Jack 6.35mm, 1 RCA input
  • 1 LINK XLR output
  • 35mm wells
  • 3 M8 hanging points.
  • 2 side handles
  • Molded black plastic finish.
  • Usable as a stage monitor
  • Dimensions : 376 x 601 x 348 mm
  • Weight: 15.8 kgs
  • Each DBR loudspeaker has 2 class D digital amplifier, a multi-band compressor D-contour and an excellent protection circuit. FIR-X technology issued from the DSR speaker offers a frequency response and in linear phase.
Active speaker of the DBR series inherit from amplifier technologies, transductors and top of the range DSP developed for the professional speaker range DSR and DXR. They ensure a high resolution sound to any level of output.
The lightweight and high performance amplifier integrated to the DBR series speakers is capable of providing an output power of 1000W in peak, be it a maximal sound pressure level of 132 dB SPL, ensuring remarkable clarity and exceptional dynamic characteristics. They ensure exceptional performance in public address for live events, DJ sets or in fixed installation requiring serious bass and a high level of acoustic pressure.
Number of ways
 Ambiance, Mobile DJ, Front speaker, Permanent installation, Stage monitor
RMS power (W)
Peak power (W)
Acoustic pressure (dB)
 From 130 to 140
Integrated mixer
 Audio signal processed by DSP
Frequency response
 52 Hz – 20 kHz
Amplification type
 Class D
Can be used on stand
 Ø 35 mm (1 3/8"), M8 Thread
Aerial installation
Power supply
 Power adapter (included)
 Single unit

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DBR12 Yamaha

DBR12 Yamaha

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DOMINIQUE G 20/12/2020
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Super content
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STEPHANE V 03/11/2020
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très bien
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CHRISTOPHE B 06/05/2020
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Son très propre.
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YOHAN B 31/12/2019
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Il correspond à mes attentes
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DOMINIQUE B 05/11/2019
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Cependant je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion d'utiliser ce matériel pour le moment mais je suis confiant.
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