Electric Cello

Electric Cello 4/4, warmth and natural feeling afforded by acoustic instruments. Affordable model in the range SILENT Cello, 2cellos the group can convince you of its quality on stage!

ARTICLE N° 52122
  • Yamaha SVC50
  • Electric Cello 4/4
  • SILENT Cello
  • Alder body
  • Maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Maple Easel
  • Piezo transducer
  • Dimensions: 432 x 1235 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Delivered in bag
First model of the range of Silent Cellos the 50 SVC offers a sleek design and removable knee support that can store the instrument in a very contained space. Its acoustic features allow quality work and offer very good stage performances. Used as a working tool by many professionals and on stage and in the studio by many musical groups (mainly in genres pop, rock and variety), this instrument is acclaimed for its ease of use and transport.
Bow included
This feeling of playing on stage results from the electronic integrated advanced Yamaha integrated its Silent Cellos. The collaboration with leading soloists allowed the development of a complete range with the warmth and feel of acoustic instruments. Silent Cellos recreate the warm sound and allow the nuances and subtleties of interpretation of a traditional acoustic cello. With their integrated reverb system, they offer the musician the opportunity to choose and adjust the sound environment in which they wish to work. In addition, the audio input jacks allow the player to play if accompanied by a CD player (mini disc player, MP3 player, cassette, etc.), connected to the cello, he hears through his headphones.

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SVC 110 Violoncelle électrique Yamaha

SVC 110 Violoncelle électrique Yamaha

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THIBAULT M 21/01/2020
  4 /5
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Idéal pour travailler sans déranger l'entourage, le son est nasillard mais convenable et peut être rectifié avec du matériel externe. La fabrication est robuste dans l'ensemble mais pourrait être encore améliorée (petit jeu dans la fixation amovible, connectiques un peu fragiles, les cordes noircissent les doigts). Les effets intégrés aussi sont sympas mais un peu gadget. La qualité est quand même au rendez-vous, c'est plus qu'un très beau jouet !
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