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M2000 - Evolite
Multicolor laser

Evolite M2000 Professional LASER, analog modulation, total power 2W RGB, 25 kpps@8° galvo scans, ideal for projection and volumetric effects, ultra-compact case!

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Evolite M2000 | Weight : 3.0 kg | ID : 62494 Presentation This LASER benefits from the ATS system that protects sensitive internal components from dust and smoke. Thanks to this process, you will fully benefit from the luminous power of your LASER in all circumstances and in the long term.

Specifications - Evolite M2000 Premium Professional LASER
- Analog modulated sources
- Red 638nm 500mW 500mW
- Green 520nm 500mW 500mW
- Blue 450nm 1000mW 1000mW
- Total power: 2000mW
- Max. projection angle: 40°.
- Analog Modulation
- 128 pre-recorded figures and animations
- Class 4
- Galvo scans 25 kpps@8°
- ILDA interface in&out
- Scan Fail Safety" system that automatically switches off the LASER in the event of a defect in the mirror motors.
- Interlock connector for remote stop button (optional)
- LED LASER beam exit indicator
- Safety key to lock the LASER ignition
- Possibility to disable the lighting of the logo on the front panel via the menu
- Supply voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
- 2-part housing, for the protection of dust-sensitive components (ATS Technology)
- Dimensions: 138x230x126 mm
- Weight: 3.2 kg

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