• KUB 1500 RGB Pack 2

KUB 1500 RGB Pack 2 - BoomTone DJ
Multicolor laser

Pack including 1 LASER BoomToneDJ KUB 1500 RGB + 1 Software Laserworld Showeditor 2015, a perfect pack to create your own show LASER!

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BoomTone DJ KUB 1500 RGB Pack 2 | Weight : 7.0 kg | ID : 50804 Presentation A pack combining a powerful and efficient multi LASER with ILDA control software Laserworld Showeditor 2015

Specifications - KUB 1500 RGB
- LASER Multi
- Light sources: Diode Laser Red 638 nm power 400mW Green 532nm power 300mW Blue 450nm power 800mW
- Class 4
- protection key
- System "Scan Fail Safety" that quenches LASER automatically in case of failure of the mirrors engines.
- Scans galvanometer fastest 20 Kpps
- Automatic mode / sound detection / DMX / ILDA
- ILDA input and output interface
- 12 DMX channels, 128 programs
cars - Supply voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
- Case in 2 parts, for the protection of sensitive to dust components (ATS Technology)
- power consumption: 50W
- Dimensions: 193 x 215 x 136 mm
- Weight: 2.5 kg

- Laserworld Showeditor 2015
- internal resolution XY: 32 bits
- color resolution RGBI: 8 bits
- Number of tracks timeline: 48 tracks of 16 track pages + 18
effects - mapping matrix: 16 tracks of pages can be displayed on up to 16 ILDA interface
- Number of output interface connected: unlimited
- Number of output interface simultaneous transmission: 16
- maximum output rate: approx. 150,000 points per second
- Trace Bitmap: yes
- File Import AI: Yes, Version 5
File - Import / export ILDA: individual frames, figures or complete shows
- Securing export ILDA: Locks the export of files for certain specific licenses
- SMS outputs of laser: yes (requires Module TSM Siemens TC35i or .TXT file)
- Scrolling text: yes
- text Morphing: yes
- fonts: FTT + 3 each additional fonts
- simulation: yes (or via DAC or PC simulation)
- real-time output: yes
- Multiscreen support: yes (window positions are saved)
- Skin (color individual selection of the user interface): selectable
- individual configuration of scanners output interface: yes (including scan speed)
- individual configuration of colors by output interface or i (TTL, analog, RGB, 3 points)
- Individual Mapping by output interface: yes (TTL, analog, RGB, 3 points)
- Fixed individual geometry output interface: yes, inversion X / Y, distortion, size , position, etc.
- Safety Zones / attenuation zone: yes, for each output interface 2 zones with attenuation gradient.
- Individual identification of each output interface: yes
- Saving settings: yes
- Virtual Hardware Simulation: yes
- Support Playlist: yes
- Standby auto monitor: yes
- Video Support: yes, video as a medium basis for the chronology will be projected via the second channel of the monitor / graphics card
- Shows laser free: yes, more than 250 free shows are supported.
- professional show lasers fee: available online

Hardware Features of Laserworld ShowNet:
- Scanner Output XY with a resolution of 12 bit (4096 positions per axis)
- nettle color with a resolution of 8 bits (256 different values per color channel): red, green, blue, intensity signal coupled to the green channel.
- Input and Output DMX512 (uninsulated)
- 100Mbit Ethernet Network Connection
- flexible IP address setting: static address, DHCP or AutoIP.
- Slot microSD card reading frames ILDA animations or entire shows (ILDA RGB code format 4/5)
- Standalone and input / output DMX DMX adapter (surcharge)
- maximum scanning speed of approx. 100,000 points per second (pps)
- Simultaneous management up to 16 ShowNet interfaces for laser show
- ArtNet converter to integrated DMX

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