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The Focal Shape 40 is a 50W monitor with an HP 4 ", an innovative solution in the field of proximity monitors: the 5 technological innovations, passive double radiators, new membranes woofer and tweeter seeks to offer more and more Acoustic transparency Designed to meet the need for near-field listening, Shape monitors combine clever design with settings that meet the acoustic characteristics of small spaces.A stereo image that is both wide and extremely accurate, the bass register combines with articulation. Low and medium frequency frequencies are very neutral, all without mask effect, greatly facilitating the equalization of these always critical registers.Finally, the brand new tweeter is the source of a very high definition, extremely revealing sibilants, but also formidable precision in very high frequency ences.

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Focal Shape 40 (La Pièce) | Weight : 5.2 kg | ID : 57784 Presentation

Specifications - Focal Shape 40
Proximity Proximity Proximity Sight - Price Each
50W (25W & 25W) 2-Way Active Enclosure - Equipped with a 25mm (1 ") inverted" M "profile dome tweeter aluminum-magnesium and a 10 cm (4 ") woofer with Flax sandwich membrane.
- Equipped with a 25W amplifier for the tweeter and 25W for the woofer, it offers a frequency response of 45 Hz to 22 kHz (+/- 3 dB).
- Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 60 Hz - 35 kHz
- Maximum SPL level: 102 dB SPL (peak @ 1 m)
- Connector inputs: balanced XLR 10 kOhms, balanced asymmetrical RCA 10 kOhms
- Mid and Low Frequency Amplifier: 25W (Music), Class AB
- High Frequency Amplifier: 25W (Music), Class AB
- Sleep Mode, Activate Monitor: After about 30 minutes without use, By signal detection > 3 mV
- Power supply: Voltages: 220-240 V (T500mAL / 250 V fuse)
- Connection: IEC plug and
removable power cord - Sensitivity: Adjustable, 0 or +6 dB
- Medium / low level (0 - 250Hz): Adjustable, +/- 6dB
- Treble Level (4.5 - 35kHz): Adjustable, +/- 3dB
- On / Off:
Rear Panel Switch - Power Consumption sleep mode: <0.5 W
- Visualizations and controls: LEDs for setting and ho rs tension, standby LED
- 12 mm
MDF construction - Finish: Vinyl, genuine walnut and black paint
- Dimensions with 4 rubber studs (HxWxD): 257 x 161 x 200 mm
- Weight: 5 kg
- Package Contents: Manual, Power Cord, 4 Rubber Plugs, 1

Warranty Card - Key Points:
- Assertive Design: The MDF cabinet is covered on the top and front of the monitor a veneer in real walnut, tinted in the mass.
- Very low directivity of the tweeter for a flexible listening position
- Ventless design allowing positioning near a
wall - Numerous settings for optimal integration
- Precise control, even in the extreme acute
- Membrane Flax sandwich: serious held and articulated, natural and details of the low-mid registers up to the high medium
- Inserts for wall, ceiling or floor mounting (fixing accessories not included)


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