Most Advanced Studio Monitors interface in its class that comes with a remote control

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Presonus CENTRAL STATION Plus | Weight : 6.0 kg | ID : 15662 Presentation The Central Station features three sets of stereo analog inputs can be selected (DAW, mixing console, CD / DAT / Tape, keyboards / samplers).

Specifications The Central Monitoring Station is the interface of the most advanced studio for the modern digital studio.

- Journey of Passive signal: no operational amp or integrated circuit
- Analog Stereo inputs 3
- Digital stereo inputs 2 (SPDIF and TOSLINK)
- DA Converter 24bit / 192kHz
- Dynamic > 117dB
- Outputs 3 monitors, each equipped with a passive volume attenuator
- Talkback microphone integrated with order volume level stations for the headphone outputs and Cue
- Visualization of levels: Double precision level display 30-segment LEDs
- Headphone Outputs: 2 front, with independent volume control
- Stereo outputs: MAIN and CUE with independent source selection

The Central Station features three sets of stereo analog inputs can be selected (DAW, mixing console, CD / DAT / Tape, keyboards / samplers). The first 2 stereo analog inputs are balanced stereo Jack format, the third that has RCA inputs with adjustable input level.
In addition, the Central Station is also equipped with two digital inputs S / PDIF or TOSLINK (up to 24 Bit / 192 kHz). This allows you to control tuned the outputs of the DAW and CD / DAT drive converters using the same professional quality for a comparison A / B highly accurate. The digital / analog converter offers the best possible audio quality with superior 117 dB dynamic range and ultra high quality analog circuitry.

The Central Station features three sets of monitor outputs, with a passive level adjustment on each group. The listening section is also equipped with MUTE, DIM and MONO. In addition, the Central Station is equipped with CUE outputs that can feed headphone amplifiers and a separate stereo MAIN line out.

Fully passive!
The Central Station has a TOTALLY PASSIVE SIGNAL PATH for unparalleled sound quality. The main signal path of the Central Station uses no op amp or other integrated circuits that add background noise, color, distortion, and give his "pinched". The distortion generated by operational amplifiers and integrated circuits contributes to ear fatigue.

The signal routing of the Central Station uses 34 sealed mechanical relays (instead of using integrated circuits), allowing maximum simplification of the signal path and ensure a maximum quality. Using relays ensures a clear signal with a dynamic range, a maximum response and headroom, while minimizing noise and coloration. The Central Station uses passive components of the highest quality including military grade resistors metal film of a 1% tolerance, multi-element potentiometers and ultra reliable connectors to ensure the best possible sound quality.

Level display
The Central Station is equipped with a double specific display leds (30 segments) to high speed response and storing the peak level. The front of the Central Station has scales dBu in dBFS, a clear key for storing the peak level and a calibration key providing other measurement options.

Order circuit
The Central Station has a built-in micro order routed to CUE outputs for communication between artist and engineer. The Central Station is also equipped with XLR microphone input on the rear panel allows the use of an external microphone. When using the talkback microphone, mixing the CUE output is automatically reduced to facilitate communication.

Optional remote control: remote PreSonus Central Station
The remote control of the Central Station (CSR-1) can be connected to the rear of the Central Station via DB9 connector to control VOLUME, TALKBACK on the TRANSFER, selecting the input source and selection of outputs monitors.
Install Rack Central Station and use the CSR-1 to control all functions remotely.

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