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Alpha 80 (La Pièce) - Focal
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Monitor 140W active 2-way professional proximity control speaker consisting of an 8" Polyglass membrane loudspeaker, loaded by a large section laminar air vent and a 1" aluminum inverted dome tweeter. Characterized by her great versatility, she is equally at ease with both instrumental and electronic music. It is essential for sound engineers to have complete confidence in what they hear, whether in music production, post-production or broadcasting.

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Focal Alpha 80 (La Pièce) | Weight : 13.0 kg | ID : 57237 Presentation The Alpha range is specially dedicated to musical creation. From the early stages of Research & Development, the emphasis was placed on the possibilities of integrating monitors into the most varied environments, both in terms of size and acoustic nature. Versatility has been further enhanced by the ability of each speaker to reveal the smallest details of the mixes, across all musical styles. Alpha integrates Focal technologies such as the aluminium inverted dome tweeter and the Polyglass membrane woofer. This translates into a wide and precise sound scene when listening.
The low frequencies are always under control and the midrange is remarkably neutral. The double amplification class AB offers, on the other hand, respect for dynamics and high SPL capacity for even more possibilities. Finally, the bass reflex design, via two wide section front vents, allows a very close positioning to a wall, while ensuring excellent stability of the tonal balance.

Specifications - Focal Alpha 80
- Professional proximity control speaker
- The Room
- 2-way active speaker 180W (100W & 40W)
- Featuring a 25 mm (1") aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a 21 cm (8") Polyglass cone woofer, the most compact in the range.
- Equipped with a 40W amplifier for the tweeter and 100W for the woofer, it offers a frequency response from 35 Hz to 22 kHz (+/- 3 dB).
- Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 35 Hz - 22 kHz
- Maximum SPL level: 109 dB SPL (peak @ 1 m)
- Connector inputs: XLR balanced 10 kOhms, RCA unbalanced 10 kOhms with sensitivity compensation
- Midrange and low frequency amplifier: 100 W (music), class AB
- High frequency amplifier: 40 W (music), class AB
- Standby Mode, Monitor Activation: After about 30 minutes without use, By signal detection >3 mV
- Power supply: Voltages: 220-240 V (T800mAL / 250 V fuse)
- Connection: IEC plug and removable power cord
- Sensitivity: Adjustable, 0 or +6 dB
- Medium / low level (0 - 300Hz): Adjustable, +/-6 dB
- Treble level (4.5 - 22 kHz): Adjustable, +/-3 dB
- On / off: Switch on the rear panel
- Standby power consumption: < 0.5 W
- Visualizations and controls: Power on/off LED, standby LED
- MDF construction 15 mm
- Finish: Vinyl and black paint
- Dimensions with 4 rubber studs (HxWxD): 397 x 287 x 348 mm
- Weight: 12.8 kg
- Contents of packaging: manual, power cord, 4 rubber pads, 1 warranty card

- Key points :
- Low directivity: keep the same sound throughout the room
- Damping and rigidity: sound neutrality, no distortion
- Identical tonal balance at low and high sound level; low sensitivity to wall effect
- Connect up to 2 audio sources: XLR or RCA balanced 10 kOhms.
- Optimal acoustic integration
- Optimization of power consumption

Videos Information For more than 30 years, Focal has designed, developed and manufactured high-end loudspeakers, loudspeakers and, more recently, headphones. Innovation, tradition, performance, pleasure are their values; they characterize "the Spirit of Sound". Wherever you are, there is only one objective for them: to gather around a common passion, the rich and authentic sound. ALPHA speakers are a professional control listening system. These products have been designed to combine impeccable sound image, high accuracy and extended frequency response in a compact format suitable for local listening.
Created in 1979, the company's headquarters are based in Saint-Étienne (France). More than 200 people work there to achieve a goal: the absolute acoustic.
Focal Professional monitoring speakers guarantee the transcription of all micro-details, the precise positioning of instruments and voices, and the absence of colouring and distortion.

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