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828 mk3 Hybrid - Motu
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Motu Audio interface MIDI + 828 MK3 Hybrid USB + FireWire and integrated DSP effects, the Hybrid model Motu!

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Motu 828 mk3 Hybrid | Weight : 3.0 kg Presentation The 828mk3 Hybrid is compatible with Mac and PC. It contains internal effects and a vast range of mixing features. To do this, it contains 32 floating point DSP for digital mixing bit, integrated effects, the benefit / O, a sampling rate ranging up to 192 kHz, a dedicated guitar input, protection against saturation, volume of digital controllers for all analog inputs, two optical ADAT banks / TOSLink, a MIDI I / O, and all this for your pleasure ...

Specifications - Motu 828 MK3 Hybrid
- Eight balanced inputs and outputs (TRS) 24-bit
- USB + Firewire
- Two XLR main outputs and two pre-amplified inputs can be used up to 192kHz
- 16 ADAT channels via two optical banks to 48 kHz are available
- 8 inputs / outputs S / MUX optical in 192 kHz
- Two banks until 96 kHz stereo TOSLink
- Inputs / outputs independent RCA stereo digital S / PDIF
- CueMix FX software: possibility of parametric EQ graphical editing of more practical user interface for quick access to all features in one window. The CueMix FX can be used in addition to any digital audio software on Mac or PC and can be controlled by automated console: Mackie Control Universal Pro.
- All analog inputs control buttons on the 828mk3 are managed digitally for precise adjustments at 1dB
- The 828mk3 is equipped with two mic / guitar combo inputs (jack / XLR) with phantom power on the front panel 48 V and a 20dB pad, each of which has more, a pre-amplifier
- Each input mic / guitar is equipped with a V-Limit ™, limiter that prevents the effects of "clipping" and signal saturation
- The flexible architecture of the effects of 828mk3 allows you to apply EQ and compressors on all inputs and outputs (a total of 58 channels), with enough DSP resources to implement a parametric EQ and compression on every channel 48kHz

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